Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Bentwaters UFO sightings

There have been many UFO sightings in American history, as some of the famous ones such as Area 51 Roswell, Belgian UFO wave, and the Battle for Los Angeles, are allextremely well-known UFO sightings.

However, amongst these top tier famous sightings lies another unsolved UFO mystery, and that is the case of the Bentwater sightings, more commonly known as Rendlesham Forest incident. It is coined Rendlesham Forest due to the unexplained sightings, lights, and alleged landings of multiple unknown crafts from an unknown entity. The Rendlesham Forest located in Suffolk England, was the primary a victim ofthese sightings during the later end of December in 1980. As many ufologists consider it Britain's Roswell, many believe this is the most infamous case of sightings ever seen within England. Suspiciously enough, England's Ministry of Defense chose not to investigate the scene nor the incidents, as it was believed that it posed no serious threat to the security of the area or the nation.