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GOD vs. SCIENCE (Theory Of Misconception)

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Ndi Igbo 

"Science does not conflict with God,
For it seeks Harmony in all.
Science does not conflict with God,
But with Religion and Its Law".

--an excerpt from "The Journey of the Soul"

In as much as I believe that there is a reason for everything, in as much as I believe that there is a reason for our existence, for life and death, and that there is no mistakes or chances in the Universe. I think that shallow explanations or reasoning (or lack of them) of things are not good bases for mankind even if such explanations/ reasoning gives us all a peace of mind.
I am yet to read any book where it is clearly stated "Science Confirms the Non-Existence of God," rather all that science is doing is to make us to be more realistic, to be users of our mind, to be better at our faith. Science has tried to rationalize everything, to make all terrestrial...to make all simple...so that a skeptics will see and believe.
To say that something is True, it is if and only if it is universally true at all times. You can not be fair today and tomorrow dark and expect to be called universally true. You cant keep people "blessed" by continuous confusing them and making it difficult for them to find out the truth under the foundation of "Believe it all in Faith"
The Idea of God is a very delicate one but if our 5 material senses can not see it, smell it, touch it, hear it or taste it, then as far as the physical Universe is concern, that the notion of God is done and dusted till a new theory/ hypothesis is propounded...on e that we all can experiment upon and not one we should blindly follow. Though there are cases to be made for the electric sense...which makes one feel something without the aid of his 5 sense organs but that is a part of science that is still developing and at this time littered with ambiguity and speculations.
George Berkeley once famously said "Esse est Percipi" (To exist is to be perceived.. So if no one perceive God on the physical level then physically God does not exist but in the Spiritual level as some would say, perhaps he does exist therein but our technology for now is limited to the physical realm.

The writer of this article made mention of Evolution. EVOLUTION is only one of the THEORIES that explains the existences of life-form on earth as we know it...but not the only Theory. A theory is an explanation that might still be refuted by a better theory, it is very very different from a Law.
 A law in science is A and Amen...like the Law of gravity, law of thermodynamics, Hooke's law etc but there is no Law yet for the formation of life. Still this theory has tried in its own way to explain life with some evidence though imperfect-as they may be, but an evidence still. Its religious counterpart quickly to denounce it forget to give us any evidence to support its points except that "God made the animals and then made Man, and you should never doubt God, you should not concern yourself with his ways but in all thing Believe!" they have even in a mocking way asked ignorantly why no evolution has been witnessed so far. This question is for the stupidly ignorant..as a geologist I know how long it took for mountains to be form, for oil in the Niger Delta to accumulate, for a river to run its course and so on and so forth...so the answer will always be "give it enough time, a million years maybe and you might see"

Another point here is on Coldness. Coldness is inversely proportional to Heat, and hotness is directly proportional to heat. Both are terminologies not a physical entity, so the argument based on cold or no cold, darkness or no darkness is foolishly devoid of merit. I read something about -498 degrees, the writer never made it clear if the unit is in Celsius, Farenthiets or Kelvin...yet he based his cold arguments on this flawed premises. The lowest temperature is -273 degrees Celsius or 0 Kelvin. All known elements solidifies before this temperature is reached...and it is known as the absolute temperature.

In conclusion, God gave us a brain, the working of the brain produces the mind, in the mind lies Thoughts, Ideas, Dreams and co....without the brain, a material entity there will be no mind, an immaterial entity.
God gave us the tongue, the working of the tongue, a material entity produces words, an immaterial entity.
I have raised this point before and I will raise it again...

"From the Physical Universe,/ Comes the Spiritual Universe"
---from "The Journey of the Soul"

Who knows, we might even be surprise to discover at the end, that God himself is part and parcel of the natural Universe, a product of this natural universe....if I were to call The Natural Universe the Brain, then I will Call God, the Mind.

Matter begot the Mind, but its the Mind that subdues, purify, perfects and recreates Matter. It is the mind that rules over Matter and visa versa....what I call a SYMBIOSIS.

By: Okoye Chukwudi Ezeamalukwuo Solar (Mr. Charles)

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Okoye Chukwudi Ezeamalukwuo Solar (Mr. Charles) 

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